Package com.usefullittlethings.saw.util

Class Summary
ChangeEvent An event instance, including a source object, an event description, and an event type (INFORMATIONAL or EVENT).
CommandUtils Utility class providing access to command-line user interaction.
IndexedObject Convenience class for wrapping an object and associating it with a specific (and final) index value.
PopupListener Convenience class extending MouseAdapter to implement pop-up menu feature.
SawClassLoader Utility class extending ClassLoader to provide application-specific class loading features, such as plug-in loading.
SawRunnable Abstract convenience class extending Runnable that provides support for a return value.
SortedStringCollection Collection class for String values that stores the values in sorted order.
SwingWorker This is the 3rd version of SwingWorker (also known as * SwingWorker 3), an abstract class that you subclass to * perform GUI-related work in a dedicated thread.